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Friday, November 17, 2017

Three Idiots is an Indian Comedy Movie released in December 25th, 2009. It tells of three guys who met in College, while studying Engineering, and became best friends.
Blogger Lessons From 3 Idiots - My Wap Tutors
Their names are: Rancho - Sitting on Blue, Farhan - Sitting on Red, and Raju - Sitting on green.
I’m not planning to tell the story. Just want to give an advice to bloggers with it. To achieve this, let’s examine each of these three main characters in the movie relating it with the blogosphere.


Of these three men, Rancho was the most intelligent and infact the smartest in the school. He advised the other two, helped them, encouraged them, etc and they loved him. Although he changed his name to Phunsukh Wangdu, he was still very successful and rich.
Pro bloggers are like Rancho. They are the ones setting the pace for others to follow in their various niches.
They are the ones making it big from their blogs. Even when they change their pen names or domain name, they will still get back on top with a snap of the finger. Not every blogger is a Rancho (Pro-Blogger).
However, one thing we also learn from Rancho is this, “ Never look down on others. Rather, befriend them.
He chose to proudly identify himself openly with the dumbest in the class. As pros, you should know that “ pride goeth before a fall ”.

To gain more followers and more admirers, you have to be a responsive blogger. Taking time to reply comments on your posts as well as mails, requests and questions. Take a short time from your busy schedule to step down from your olympian heights to comment on posts of others especially when you’re tagged to it. This will definitely help you build a better blogging community and/or audience.
You should never look down on others, because you’re not a blog god.
Someone you looked down upon can surpass you in due time, and when such a blogger is mentioning those who have helped him/her reach that position, you won’t be mentioned and your primary purpose of starting a blog, which is to help people with your knowledge (Pro-Blogger purpose), will be defeated.
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Farhan wasn’t doing well as an engineering student, no matter how hard he tried. He was at the bottom of the class, despite having the best (Rancho) as an ally. At the end, Rancho adviced him to reason with his father to permit him do what he knows best, what he had passion for, wildlife photography .
We can tell that he became successful and probably rich from it; as we saw in the beginning, he was boarding on a plane when he faked a stroke. How many photographers do you think can afford a plane ticket?
Most bloggers are like Farhan. These are pro materials, Pro-Bloggers in the making.
They are blogging but in the wrong niche, and so won’t survive the blogosphere for long.
No matter how persistent and consistent they may be, their blogs will always remain at the bottom of the food chain and thus wallowing amongst ruins.
Getting followers, traffic and even adsense approval would be almost an impossible feat for them. They will end up not gaining from their blogs and eventually quit.
For such to succeed, they need to find their right niche , their passion, settle on it and sit back and relax as they watch themselves rise fast to be listed amongst the best.


Raju like Farhan graced the bottom of the class but as Rancho had bragged to the Dean, Raju became employed immediately after graduating, even when he was interviewed on a wheel chair.
Many bloggers are like Raju. They are not the best in their niches, people criticize their work and classify them as failures but they are still relevant. They are in their right niches and are persistent.
These bloggers will still make decent revenue from their blogs and get approved by adsense.
They can safely become full time bloggers and use their earnings to take care of themselves.

Rancho Wrote:

Pursue excellence, and success will follow, pants down.

That is, pursue the niche(s) in your passion and you’ll become a successful blogger.
Now over to you, examine yourself, which of these Idiots are you?
Rancho or Farhan or Raju? Or which do you think I am?
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My name is Gozie Brain Izuka, and to all bloggers out there, i just want to make common sence; i hope i did.
Take a minuite of your time to drop a comment, it motivates us.
You'ld wonder why some students read very hard every semester but surprisingly fail their exams at the end of it all right? Such students read almost every day and night and are perceived by their mates as hardworking students who deserve to succeed academically; however, their poor grades keep surprising them and everyone else. If you study hard and your grades seem not to reflect your hard work, then its time you stop working hard and start working smart. Its not always albout how hard, its how smart.
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Here are some reasons why some students study hard but fail.

→Upholding hard work while neglecting smart work

Hard work is good but hard work when done smartly is far better and produces greater result. Hard work starts with reading and ends with more reading. Students who uphold hard work while neglecting smart work believe they must read every note, text-book, handout and all materials they can get to be able to pass. On the other hand, smart work involves reading and settling back to self-examine whether what is being read is really required for passing exams. Students who seem to read less but still perform excellently well, have been able to combine smart work and hard work. They are able to smartly figure out what they need to read to pass. They know they don’t have to read all the textbooks in the library to be able perform well.

→Not knowing when it’s enough

Studying drains energy, no arguments. When you become tired while reading it is important you take a break, take a walk or go watch TV before returning to your books. Most students read hard and fail because they stay glued to their books even when they’re exhausted and need rest. In such condition, everything they’ll be reading stops making sense but they continue nevertheless.

→Having difficulty prioritizing what’s important

Not all courses or subjects are read the same. The difficult subjects or courses should be given higher priority. Also, courses that are prerequisites are more important than electives and thus must be given more priority as we study.

→Focusing on “I don’t want to fail” instead of “I want to pass”

This is a mind game. Winners always focus their minds on winning. From personal experience, I see that most students who read more than others but still fail do their readings out of fear. They afraid of failing hence they often say things like: “I don’t want to fail”. Fear is their motivation. The solution to this is to focus our minds on “I want to pass” so I’ll read.

→Putting their books first and themselves second

They read all day and night while they forget about the need to take care of themselves. Haven’t you seen those who read from the first day of resumption to the last week of lectures only to fall sick in the week of exams? They stress and wear themselves out.

→They read all the time instead of at ‘their right time’

There is often the ‘right time’ to read for every student. This is often the time of the day when you are able to grasp and understand more as you read. For some, their right time to read is at night. Students who read hard and still fail read at all times even when it’s not necessary. At the end of the day, they are perceived to be serious and hardworking students but they have no results to show for their labour.

If this issue affects you I hope this write-up helps you to understand how you ought to adjust. Are there more reasons why some hardworking students fail despite their rigorous studies? Tell us about it.

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Get the facts, Get the right informations and share what you know.
Gozie Brain Izuka - Gozkybrain Izuka
Okay i'll be sharing my web story today on my blog, but before that - how about a bio.
I would also share a bio to let you know about the blogger you're following.
Here we go…

Thursday, August 31, 2017

It obvious every body want to look big, or let me say every body want to look popular. After this post you will be able to get over 500 followers on you Twitter account. Increase Your foIIowers⇒ 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. http://more- followers .net And many more I believe all my waptutor fans a leet so no much explanation. N.B|•••• This application will be able to: • Read Tweets from your timeline. • see who you follow, and follow new people. • Update your profile. • Post Tweets for you. I’ve been seeking how to get followers on twitter for quite a while, but this opportunity was really amazing. I could get 10k+ followers in only 2 days, and they were all active followers. Common try yours

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

One of the main factors that every Bloggers should focus on is making their website so appealing to their target market that they have no problems attracting repeat visitors to it.
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You can use a variety of traffic generation strategies, but you also want to hold onto your visitors and give them reasons to come back. Ideally, you should be seeing a growing number of returning visitors to your site, and this is how you build a long term business. You can get more repeat visitors to your site by applying the following proven methods.

The smartest way to go about making people want to visit your site/blog over and over is to give them what they want in the way of great information. There are many top blogs that thrive on targeted contents, which is the only reason why people keep returning back. But creating high quality content is not as hard as people make it out to be; just write it well and include information that is solid and helpful. You can take 30 minutes a day and write a good article and post it on your website. One good idea is to run a poll and ask your visitors if they want any specific kinds of topics to be written about. Then you transform all of that into very good content, and that is how you keep repeating the process.

Another thing is too many pix. Tone down the graphics on your site. Websites with tons of graphics are no longer favoured by most internet users. Today, simplicity is what's most valued when it comes to web design, and this is what you should strive for if you want return visitors. Make sure that if you do have graphics on your website that you keep them under control. The majority of visitors are looking for original and helpful content, and this is what will get them to return to your site, not having lots of flashy graphics.
Well designed graphics can be attractive, but don't use so many of these that it costs you return visitors.
Where the design of your site is concerned you need to make it light and simple to follow. Blaring background music and flashy presentations are big taboos in the marketing world.
As they arrive at your site they do not want to have to contend with complications they want to view your site with no problems. Be sure that you have a static HTML site if you are going to use flash anyway so that those who don't want to don't have to view your intro. Your visitors may not want to wait for your page to load so don't make them. Even though nowadays you have high internet speeds, sites that are lightweight are given more preference, so keep this mind.

All in all the above article should have given you a knowlegde of the importance of keeping your site neat and simple for great curb appeal to your visitors. If you want to see a huge difference in your return traffic, it's important that you apply the above tips. You'll be on the fast track with the above tips despite the fact that there are many more tips out there.

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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

While certain devices may have the same specifications, user experience may vary. There are devices we’ve used that were not even worth buying in the first place.
I stumbled on a facebook thread where users were asked which Android phone was the worst they’ve ever used. This article is solely based on the devices in that thread with the highest negative comments. This list doesn’t express my own views in any way.
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LG G3 Stylus

User’s comment » Got it for free with my contract, the screen is ultra sensitive, if a little drop of water touches the screen, it becomes unusable for a few minutes, even if my hands are sweating a little bit. The Ram Management is terrible, I can’t have 2 apps running in the background.
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Droid Charge

User’s comment » Had the same internals as my old Samsung Fascinate, but was one of the first Verizon phones to support LTE. It didn’t matter, phone was so slow you couldn’t tell the difference between 3G and 4G. Plus it had something like 1GB of internal storage so that was filled quickly.
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HTC Thunderbolt

User’s comment » Sweet Jesus that phone killed my impression of HTC for years… The phone’s battery was atrocious even when new, and one day died in 11 minutes (with no usage). On top of that, when connected to bluetooth, if I was streaming music and happened to get a phone call the phone would lock up. Hardware keys, everything was dead, only way to bring it back to life was a battery pull.
I pity anyone who owned or still happens to own that phone.
May the android gods have mercy on your soul
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LG G2x

User’s comment » Holy sh**, f*ck that phone. shudders
No explanation needed!
MyWapTutors image loading...

Motorola Cliq

User’s comment » Came with cupcake. Finally got an update to eclair that made it completely unusable. Horrible phone.
MyWapTutors image loading...

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

User’s comment » Galaxy Nexus on Verizon. Absolutely terrible battery life (even with the extended model) and performance. Potato camera. Just bad.
MyWapTutors image loading...

Ulefone Be Touch 2

User’s comment » The touch screen was laggy, ROM wasn’t optimized, and the fingerprint sensor wakelocks were never fixed.
MyWapTutors image loading...

Samsung Galaxy Vibrant (Galaxy S]

User’s comment » Had terrible storage speed and a flakey almost non useable GPS antennae. Runner up for me would be the HTC M7. Overheated a lot, causing the pink camera issue.
MyWapTutors image loading...

Motorola Atrix 4G

User’s comment » Hands down the Motorola Atrix 4G. I had that phone for just over 12 months (thankfully the touchscreen died, hardware problem not me, but thank god it did). My Uncle had one that I used a few times and I thought it was the most amazing thing. This was in the time of single core 800mhz-1GHz processors and 512mb of RAM phones, this phone debuted with a fingerprint scanner, dual core 1GHz processor and 1GB of RAM.
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HTC Wildfire

User’s comment » HTC wildfire, the lag is over 9000.

Over to you reading this post.
Probably used some Android devices too over the years. Which one do you consider the worst of them all?

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Monday, August 28, 2017

I’m real sure that every one of us would have received wrong calls or missed calls from unknown or hidden numbers, or the more conventional 'private numbers'.
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It could be really frustrating and annoying to handle such calls when we are in the middle of a meeting or something very serious. Sometimes we receive wrong calls from the same number again and again which will just waste our valuable time and at the same time disturb our peace leading to some kind of mind stress. It is no doubt that most people are eager to know some details about that unknown caller like his name, location etc.
So in order to get such details of the unknown caller, you need the help of some reverse phone lookup service. I found the names of some reverses lookup websites.
Here are the top 5 Free Reverse Phone Lookup Services with Name.

1. TrueCaller.

This website will help you to trace the name and the location of an unknown number. This one is available in both website and as app for android, iOS and windows, blackberry, Tizen, Symbian etc. This website has a collection of more than two billion phone numbers in their database. Moreover, this is one of the most used app in smartphones all over the world. This service is completely free to use and for the first time, it will ask you to sign up for searching a particular unknown number.

2. Reverse Phone Lookup

This website is a top reverse lookup site which gives you the details of an unknown number like the owner’s name, email, address, social accounts, criminal records, assets, court reorders, arrests and warrants etc. This site has a collection of more than 1.5 billion numbers in its database.

3. Trace Phone Number

This website is an Indian based website which help you to get the details of an unknown number. This site traces Landline, mobile, STD or ISD numbers. For landline or STD, you will also get to know the operator information also. This tool cannot provide real-time details like the exact location of a number. These kind of information is not legally approved by the TRAI for use in the reverse lookup service.


This is another site that offers similar kind of reverse lookup service. This site helps you to find the location of a number in google map. This one gives you details like latitude, longitude, service provider, signalling etc of a phone number. The location which will be given by this site is not the exact current location of the number. But that data is the location of the telecom circle to which a particular phone number belongs.

5. TrueDialer

This truedialer is another app made by the developers of truecaller app which helps us to avoid the unwanted calls from wrong numbers. You don’t need to pay your telecom services for blocking any particular number with all the identification details feature. This app is available in android and windows phone only. These kind of apps make our smartphones really smart in their functionality.

So the above websites and app will help you to track those unknown numbers that you receive in your mobile. Sometimes you can’t trace some particular number because of its absence in the database of that site. So try another site to lookup for the details. You probably may find it.

Get the facts, Get the right informations and share what you know.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Technically all bloggers love comments on their blogs. I've gotten many messages from our Whatsapp Group complaining on low or no comments. So today i'll be talking about ways to get comments on your blog.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Its Brain
Any time i look at this pic, i always get inspired. Today it has inspired mhe to write this peice too, and i guess growing blog followers is relevant.
Its high time we stopped talking about getting new traffics and consider getting returned visitors! Growing your blog followers although tough, will help increase your fans and you know whats up about the earnings.
Below are some helpful tips on how to make your website popular and grow your followers.

#1. Add More content.

Add content, add another content, add more contents. Before you even register your domain, you should have enough ideas to build 100 posts on your site. Start brainstorming and see what you can come up with in 20 minutes. If that's not enough to fill 50 pages, consider not building the site at all. Having lots of content is important.

#2. A simple design is better.

The text content should outweigh the html content. Stay away from heavy flash, javascript, etc. Don't add too much stuff like 'best viewed with'... Your website should be viewable with any browser. Keep it clean and professional.

#3. Keep the pages small

Smaller is better. Keep it under 15kb if you can. Your site should be fast loading, or people will leave. Speed is everything. Next to content, that is. Keeping it under 10kb or 5kb if you can. Difficult, but people love fast sites. Throw away all the trash on your pages.

#4. Content length.

Put a new post online every day of about 200 to 500 words. Go to the overture keyword suggester to find ideas of what to write about. Spell check your content. Search engines can do it, and so should you. If you have a blog, go for article-like posts as opposed to the personal diary kinds of posts.

#5. Use keywords.

Use your keywords in the following places: title, description tag, heading, url, once bold, once italic and once high on the page.

#6. Link to other sites.

When you visit other websites and comment or contribute, Put 2 links to other, high ranking posts on your site. They should be relevant to the content of that post and use keywords as your link. Don't add every link that's requested. Check their relevance first.

#7. Link to your own site.

Put links from one post to another relevant post on your own site. Again: use keywords as your link.

#8. Submit your site.

Submit your site to Google, AltaVista, Yahoo, Msn, Hotbot, etc. Then forget about that for 6 months. Also submit it to every single directory you can find. Do a check after 6 months and resubmit if you're not listed.

#9. Log and track.

Most hosts provide these. Don't use a lame graphic counter. Check where your visitors are coming from to find out what traffic methods work best for your site.

#10. Write for people.

People are not coming to your site for your content. They are coming for their content. Try to write as if you are writing to one specific person, such as a friend of yours who's interested in the same topic. Don't try to write for 'all of your visitors'.

#11. Stay ahead.

If you know that something big will come out in a few months, build a page about it now. It gives search engines time to index that page so they can feed it to the growing anticipating crowd.

#12. Add more content.

This is so important, keep adding content. Do this for a year and your site will be a top ranking website within one year. You could've been there now, if you started last year. So start now, so you'll be there next year. You'll thank yourself (and me) later.

My name is Gozie Brain Izuka, and to all bloggers out there, i just want to make common sence; i hope i did.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Random Thumbnail Posts Widget is one of the best post widget I have ever discovered so far because it changes after every page reload.
Do why don't you give it a try by add this wonderful gadget to your blog ......

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Just follow the step below.

Step 1

First you need to Sign In to Blogger Dashboard and select your preferred blog from the list.

MyWapTutors image loading...

Step 2

Then scroll your mouse down and click "Layout" >> Click on "Add a Gadget".
MyWapTutors image loading...

Step 3

Now choose " HTML/Javascript" from the list add a Title and Copy the below code to it and Save.

#random-posts img{border-radius: 10px;float:left;margin-right:5px;
width:75px;height:75px;background-color: #F5F5F5;padding: 3px;transition: all 0.2s linear 0s;}
#random-posts img:hover{opacity: 0.7;}
ul#random-posts {list-style-type: none;padding: 10px;}
#random-posts a {font-size:16px; text-decoration: none !important; text-transform: capitalize; padding: 0px auto 5px;}
#random-posts a:hover {text-decoration: none;}
.rp-snippet {font-size: 11px;background: none; padding: 5px; margin-right: 8px;}
#random-posts span {}
#random-posts li {margin-bottom: 10px;border-bottom: 1px solid #EEEEEE; padding: 4px;}
<ul id='random-posts'>
<script type='text/javaScript'>
var rdp_numposts=5;
var rdp_snippet_length=110;
var rdp_info='yes';
var rdp_comment='Comments';
var rdp_disable='Comments Disabled';
var rdp_current=[];var rdp_total_posts=0;var rdp_current=new Array(rdp_numposts);function totalposts(json){rdp_total_posts=json.feed.openSearch$totalResults.$t}document.write('<script type=\"text/javascript\" src=\"/feeds/posts/default?alt=json-in-script&max-results=0&callback=totalposts\"><\/script>');function getvalue(){for(var i=0;i<rdp_numposts;i++){var found=false;var rndValue=get_random();for(var j=0;j<rdp_current.length;j++){if(rdp_current[j]==rndValue){found=true;break}};if(found){i--}else{rdp_current[i]=rndValue}}};function get_random(){var ranNum=1+Math.round(Math.random()*(rdp_total_posts-1));return ranNum};
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script><hr/><small><a style='margin-left:10px;font-size:8px;align:right;float:right;margin:2px;text-transform:capitalize;color:#AEAEAE;' href='' target='_blank'>Random posts widget</a></small>

Step 4

Finally click on the " save" button below and that's all you need to do.

If you have any complain feel free to drop it in the comment box below.
Not all our bloggers can write, and not all earn. Writting is a passion, needed worldwide so today i'll share 14 websutes that pays you for blogging.
MyWapTutors image loading...

1. Hubpage

Like squidoo, in HubPages, you write ‘hubs’ or articles about an original and useful topic. Once you’ve posted your article, ads related to what you wrote are placed. These ads are generated from Google AdSense, HubPages Ad Program and/or affiliate programs such as Amazon and eBay products.
Once your article(s) earns the minimum amount on Google AdSense ($100) or HubPages Ad Program ($50), you can chose to cash out your earnings through PayPal.

2. Triond

Triond is another writing community where you write articles that are then posted on other popular websites. Triond allows you to post audio, video and pictures together with your written articles which are then published to relevant websites based on what you’ve written.
You can then track your article views, comments and earnings via your user dashboard. You can cash out 50% of the advertising earnings from your articles every month.

3. Squidoo

Squidoo is a publishing platform and community where you can share personal write-ups through their website. Articles on Squidoo are called ‘lenses’ or pages. Once you’ve posted a lens, ads of similar or recommended products of what’s written is placed around your lens.
The ads will consist of products which are sold via their affiliate programs with Amazon, eBay and a few others. You keep half of whatever Squidoo makes off your lens which is then payable to you via PayPal or donated to a charity of your choice.

4. Fiverr

Fiverr is a place where you can ‘sell’ your writing skills or services (among others) for a fixed price of $5 – you get to keep $4. When someone buys whatever you’re offering to sell, they’ll pay to Fiverr first. Once you’ve completed the task at hand, $4 will be credited into your account.
You can then withdraw your earnings via PayPal. Unlock ‘levels’ by selling more and more often on Fiverr, and more opportunities and tools will be opened for your use.

5. Yahoo! Contributor Network

Writers can sign up for free to be a Yahoo! Contributor where you can find daily ‘assignments’ to write about. Many of these assignments offer up-front payments ranging from $2 to $25 (and sometimes more). Otherwise, you can create and earn from your own content as well, with payments ranging from $2 to $15.
All payments are processed through PayPal. The content you write is shared on other Yahoo subdomains like Yahoo! News, Shopping, Voices, Sports, etc which gives you very good exposure.

6. Demand Media Studios

You need to apply to write for Demand Media Studios but once accepted, you’ll be given tasks or assignments which they require you to write about . These assignments will be based on subjects which you are interested in or have knowledge of. This is determined when you first apply for the assignment.
We also have reason to believe that content on eHow originates from here, giving you and your articles even more exposure. Your articles that get published will net you from $15 to more than $30.

7. is a renowned website which you’ve probably stumbled across more than once. Because they’re so renowned, being a
guide or topic writer means you have to apply to write for specific topics.
You’ll also have to go through a two-part orientation and evaluation program to learn of their editorial standards before being accepted to write for them. There is no mention about how much you can earn from writing for them but payments are done on a monthly basis.

8. Bukisa

Bukisa’s aim is to give knowledge to others by sharing experiences. So most of their articles are ‘How-To’ guides. This is a great place to write about a something you are interested or have knowledge in.
Earnings are based on Google AdSense within your article. It’s also a community where you can meet other writers. It’s free to sign up so just give it a go.
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9. Xomba

Xomba is a place with articles in the categories of Entertainment, Home, Writing, Science & History, News & Politics, Technology and Living. Ads from Google AdSense are automatically placed on the article you write.
Despite the flexibility of topics to write on, when it comes to payments, Xomba splits the earnings with you; you will receive 40% . Also, earning through Google AdSense means you can only withdraw your earnings when it reaches $100.

10. SponsoredReviews

SponsoredReviews is a place where
advertisers look for bloggers to write about their products. This is also a site for bloggers who want to sell sponsored posts on their blogs.
Advertisers who go to SponsoredReviews have their own requirements for what they want in each post. Once you’re account and profile is on SponsoredReviews, advertisers will visit your blog and if they’re interested to buy ‘advertising space’, they’ll contact you. Bloggers can also approach advertisers directly.

11. Income Diary

Incone Diary pays $50-$200 for articles about making money online, including SEO, affiliate sales, and traffic generation.
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12. Matador

Matador is the world’s largest independent travel publisher, with over 12 million unique monthly visitors.
Alexa Rank: 5,278
Topics: Travel
Payment: $20-$25 per post

13. A Fine Parent

This Company solicits articles on a rotating topic. Check out the topic, then pitch your idea on the theme. Each accepted article earns $100.

14. My Wap Tutors

MyWapTutors is different from the rest, they allow you promote your affiliates or ad network in a relevant post. Their admin team reviews your post and if worthy, is published with your affiliate code thereby boosting yor earning.

My name is Gozie Brain Izuka, and to all bloggers out there, i just want to make common sence; i hope i did.
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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Making money online, making money blogging, making money with Adsense; all these don't come so easy as the tutorials put it. But not to worry, i got a drop down of those quickies to help ypu make money online when you need it.
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1. Sell Your Stuff.

The world is now taking a minimalist lifestyle to survive the financial crisis. Minimalist lifestyle is nothing new, from ancient times humans are minimalists. According to minimalism, there’s one rule: less is more. The less you own things, the more you become happy because the things you own often ends up owing you.
Find out the junk that you are not using, go check out your store rooms, terrace etc. to find all the junk.Walk through your home and you’ll undoubtedly find things that you no longer have a use for. Clothing is outgrown, toys are no longer played with and those old antiques collect dust. Decide what you can part with and sell it! Tag sales are a great way to sell your things and spend a fun weekend afternoon.
Alternately, you can sell your belongings online on sites like eBay and Craigslist. If you choose to sell your things online, make sure that you keep your personal safety in mind when completing transactions in person.

2. Freelance

Most of the times, it doesn’t matter whether you are good at something or not to make money online. Almost everyone can blow in few skills within a short period of time. For example, just by writing daily, you will be able to bloe your skills and find few writing gigs to make some quick money online.
There are plenty of sites that help you make money online if you know what you are talking about.
Whether you enjoy writing or giving people great customer service, there are dozens of legitimate ways to make money online. Sites like Textbroker and LiveOps hire people as independent contractors to write articles, proofread others’ articles and answer incoming phone calls. If you’ve got an internet connection and a phone line, there’s no reason not to take advantage of these opportunities.

If you have a website or blog, you will be able to land tons of clients using your services. You just need to update your portfolio with quality links to make sure you are getting quality clients over random guys. You can also use testimonials on your sites to build trust among your clients. Having a blog can definitely boost your online revenue (it doesn’t matter whether you are a writer, designer, SEO expert or a random selling guy).
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3. Use Your Vehicle

If you are not working, are you working only part time or have weekends free, why not consider using your vehicle as a way of making money. The elderly and home bound often need help in running errands or other day-to-day tasks. You can charge as little or as much as you like to provide assistance to these people. If you have a truck, you can use it to help people move. People post on Craigslist everyday for a single ride or a series of them. Use this to your advantage! Instead of letting your vehicle sit in the driveway, useless, make money with it!
Also you can hire your vehicles (motor cycles or cars) online to get daily customers. You just need to take their driving licence copies before handing your vehicles to them to make sure they won’t ste your hard earned money spent on buying them.

4. Get Crafty

Do you love to use your hands to make things? If you have got the time, this can be a great way to make money on the side. Whether you bake, crochet, scrapbook or make candles, there’s always a market for your wares. Begin by selling to friends and family, sell on Etsy , rent a table at a craft fair or set up at your local flea market. Once you gain momentum, the sky’s the limit.
You may even be able to turn your crafting into a full-fledged business!
If you are good at cooking, you can also start a video channel on YouTube, get more views and likes to generate a passive income from YouTube. Doing this is absolutely for free, you won’t have to invest even a penny except your hands to make things.

5. Offer Your Services

Everyone is good at something. Your ability to make money online depends on knowing what you are good at. Once you know your potential skills, you can make more money in a short time. There are plenty of websites like Fiverr or few other writing gigs available if you are good at something (ranging from designing logos to making videos).
Are you good at something? Do your friends and family come to you with questions and help with a particular issue? If so, expand your services to others. For instance, if you know how to turn a computer inside out and put it back together again, why not offer to fix people’s computers out of your living room?
If you can change the oil in a car in no time flat, offer to do so for your neighbors. If you have got a plow on the front of your truck or a riding lawn mower, offer your services for a price. Get creative! Almost everyone has something that they can do better than someone else.
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So make sure to know where you are really good at and search the web for different ways to make money online and you will be surprised with the results. But you need to remember that, consistency and quality are very important to make some passive income from your efforts.

6. Get Money Quick By Pay Day Loans

There comes a time when we all need more money than we have. If you need cash immediately and can’t afford to wait for any of these options to pay off, consider a payday loan. These loans can offer a quick solution to your money problems. While a payday loan can help you now, chances are that you’ll need money again in the future.

Look to these six options and see what peaks your interest and fills your needs. Use one or more to start creating an emergency fund to keep yourself out of a bind down the road. If you can put into action some things to be able to put some money away, you will be less likely to have to figure out how to scrape money together in the future.
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